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Apung Pining offers a variety of specialty condiments, products that enhance the flavor of your plate as a dipping sauce, and it may also be used as an essential ingredient to your cooking.

Natural Vinegars

Natural vinegar is produced through a two-stage fermentation process known as microbiological process.

The first stage of the process is alcohol fermentation by converting sugar into alcohol. Acetic acid fermentation is the second stage of the process where acetic acid bacteria ferment the alcohol to produce vinegar (acetic acid and water).

Fermented Vinegar has several potential health and nutritional benefits and it is known to kill or reduce certain types of pathogens.

It is known to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. Since it is fermented, it contains lactic acid bacteria (LAB) that improve nutritional value of food, control of intestinal infections, improved digestion of lactose, and control of some types of cancer.

Sugar Cane Vinegar

Sukang Iloko is a sugarcane vinegar made from an Ilocano wine called basi. The sugarcane is cooked into molasses-like syrup, where it is further left to ferment into a light, sweet sugarcane vinegar.

Sukang Tubo

Sukang Tubo (Cane Vinegar) is the traditional process of fermentation that is made from crushed sugar cane to extract its juice. The collected cane juice is placed in a container and aged for fermentation.

Sukang Puti

The fermentation process is a type of oxidation in which alcohol is used as a raw material, converted into vinegar or acetic acid by the action of a fungus (Mycoderma aceti). It is a crystal-clear vinegar and it is not cloudy white as it known.

Sugar Cane is one of the major agricultural crops that contributes significantly to the Philippine economy. It is the one of the oldest crops that its cultivation in the Philippines pre-dates Spanish colonization.

There are three variants of fermented sugar cane vinegar, and each has a different process of fermentation and a different distinct taste.

Sukang Iloko

(Cane Vinegar)
(Black Cane Vinegar)
(Crystal Clear Cane Vinegar)

Palm Vinegar

Sukang Tuba

Coconut, considered “the tree of life” is the third top of our agricultural product. It can produce several by-products including vinegar and it is made from the sap of coconut tree bloom. The collected sap or nectar ferments for 8–12 months before converting to vinegar.

Sukang Sasa

Nipa palm vinegar, also known as sukang sasâ or sukang nipa, is a traditional Filipino vinegar made from the sap of the nipa palm and Paombong is famous for this type of vinegar. It is gathered from mature nipa palms that grow in muddy soil beside brackish rivers and estuaries. The stalk is cut, and the collected saps are placed in tapayan, the traditionally used for fermentation.

Sukang Kaong

Kaong (Sugar palm) had to be 10 to 15 years old before they could be harvested for vinegar and collect the sap of male inflorescences. It is left in the tapayan jars to ferment for about a month. Kaong palm vinegar leans towards the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Certain varieties of palm tree family can produce sap or nectar as natural sugary liquid by converting through fermentation into vinegar.

There are three kinds of palm vinegar, and each has a different distinct taste.

(Coconut Vinegar)
(Nipa Palm Vinegar)
(Sugar Palm Vinegar)

Chili Garlic Paste

Chili Garlic Paste

Chili Garlic Paste is not just a dip to our favorite siomai. It is a multi-purpose condiment that can be used to give more taste to your noodles, pasta, fried rice and even to your favorite dishes, kaldereta, mixed seafoods, afritada, etc.

Chili Garlic Oil

This condiment is for you. Just use it as a topping to any dish for an enhanced flavor. It is made by separately cooking the garlic until golden brown, which is then mix with the traditional chili garlic paste.

Chili Garlic Oil or Paste has now become a common condiment to Filipinos. It is made from vegetable oil that has been infused with chili peppers, minced garlic and other ingredients.

The way it cooks is one of the important parts of the product that makes the taste different from others. It is Pinoy style Chili Garlic Oil.

(Garlic Crunchy Bits)

Available Sizes

Sukang Tubo, Puti, Iloko, Tuba, Kaong and Sasa

Spicy Flavor - 320ml / 350ml
Pure and Natural - 320ml / 350ml

Sukang Tubo, Puti, Iloko, Tuba, Kaong and Sasa

Available Sizes

Sukang Tubo, Puti, Iloko, Tuba, Kaong and Sasa

Spicy Flavor - 750ml
Pure and Natural - 750ml

Sukang Tubo, Puti, Iloko, Tuba, Kaong and Sasa